Progress Test 5 (Units 13-15)

Complete all seven sections. There are seventy marks in total.

Section 1: Vocabulary

1 Write in the missing preposition.

1    There’s been a delay ______ the delivery of the components.

2    The shortage ______ staff at work is really causing pressure.

3    Our new just-______-time production has made things quicker.

4    We must finish this meeting ______ eleven at the latest.

5    Sorry, but we’re running ______ of time.

6    We look forward _____ hearing from you.

7    Our department has just taken _____ 30 new staff.

2 Read the extract from a report on improving a business. Change the form of the word in brackets to complete it.

We would like to propose a number of (8)________________ (recommend) to improve the (9)________________ (efficient) of your company. With regard to office space, you could reduce the space needed for your (10)_________________ (administrate) staff with a system of open plan offices. This would then provide space for your sales staff. In the factory, (11)______________ (product) could be increased through a better system of supply and storage. The (12)______________ (deliver) company should bring components to the factory several times a day and these can be taken to the (13)_______________ (assemble)-line at the moment they are needed. Supplies should be ordered (14)________________ (electronic) by computer rather than having an (15)_______________ (employ) enter an order manually.

Section 2: Language

3 Decide if the sentences are correct (C) or incorrect (I). Correct the incorrect sentences.

16  Orders quickly are sent out to customers. ( )

17  Models are frequently updated. ( )

18  I usually get up at six for work. ( )

19  It’s been a very successfully project. ( )

20  What would you do if you have to take a pay cut? ( )

21  If you did my job, you’d see things differently. ( )

22  If you do exercise every day, you’ll were much more creative. ( )

23  We’d be able to invest more if we would had more money. ( )

24  In the old days, people worked longer hours. ( )

25  He has been here yesterday. ( )

26  They’ve been with the company for over twenty five years. ( )

27  Jack Welsh has taken over as CEO of GE in 1981. ( )

Section 3: Reading

4 Read a worker describing his working practices

Are you an efficient worker?

‘I usually work between nine and five and I try not to work longer hours. I think if you work efficiently you can do your job in your normal working hours. Sometimes I might work on Saturday morning but only if there’s a problem or something.

I soon discovered that at work you should prioritise. So I make a list and do jobs that my boss wants done straight away or if I know someone is waiting for me.

The most boring part of my job is reading reports. I read each one in detail and it’s really frustrating when you read a report which isn’t relevant or has lots of unnecessary information.

A lot of my work is with other people and we regularly have team meetings to discuss plans and make suggestions.

I like an organised desk where I can find things. On Friday I make sure that I clear up so that on Monday I can start again.

I’ve been working for my company for twenty years and this way of doing things has always worked well.’

5 Sentences 28-33 are from a checklist entitled ‘Do you work efficiently?’ Decide if the worker in the article answers ‘Yes’ (Y) or ‘No’ (N) to the sentences.

28  I usually work a certain number of hours a day. Y / N

29  I deal with important tasks immediately. Y / N

30  I skim read texts before I decide to read them in detail. Y / N

31  I share useful ideas with colleagues. Y / N

32  My work place is always tidy. Y / N

33  I regularly review my way of working. Y / N

Section 4: Career Skills

6 Three people are discussing a problem. Write in the missing phrases.

We don’t have / That could be / What we really / Could we quickly / Can I ask / What if we / Would it help / What exactly has / What else could / No, that wouldn’t / If we did

A:  OK. (34)_________________________ much time. (35)_________________________ talk about the problem with the brochures? (36)_________________________ happened?

B:  We printed two million copies but there’s a mistake on the telephone number. So customers will ring the wrong number. (37)_________________________ want to do is reprint them all.

A:  (38)_________________________ work. My boss would never agree. (39)_________________________ we do?

C:  (40)_________________________ if we sacked the person responsible?

A:  Not really.

B:  (41)_______________________ print labels with the correct number on?

A:  (42)_______________________ a solution.

C:  We need to be quick. The brochures have to be sent out by the end of next week at the latest.

B:  (43)______________________ that, we’d need to print them and have time to stick them on.

A:  That’s the best idea. Let’s do that. OK. It’s time to finish. (44)_________________ you two to organise that?

Section 5: Writing

7 Rewrite two sentences as one sentence using the phrase in brackets.

45  The meeting will have to start late. They’re late (because)


46  I’m working late. I have to finish this report. (because of)


47  We’re opening late. Customers can shop after work. (so that)


48  She’s leaving the company. She wants to set up her own business. (in order to)


49  It’s too expensive. We won’t have open plan offices. (which means)


50  They won’t recruit internally. They will recruit externally. (decided not to…but to…)


Section 6: Listening

Track 6

Part 1

8 Listen to the first person talking about motivation and answer the questions. Listen twice.

51  What two things motivate some people?

52  What two things are others motivated by?

53  What are most people motivated by?

54  What must a manager do to get the best from staff?

55  If people feel they can do a job well, what do they get?

Part 2

9 Listen to another person talking about motivation.

Are these statements True (T) or False (F)? Listen twice.

56  There are four Cs. ( )

57  To feel connected, a person needs to understand their role. ( )

58  A satisfied worker needs to enjoy the job. ( )

59  Computer systems have made workers demotivated. ( )

60  Management and staff work well together in a warm climate. ( )



Section 7: Speaking


10 Prepare a short talk for your teacher about your job. In your talk describe:

– your main responsibilities

– what personal qualities you need for your job

– what you do to be efficient in your job

– what motivates you in your job

– one thing that would make your job easier

Your teacher will mark your description using this scorecard. The teacher circles 1 mark if a student includes the area and circles 2 marks for communicating it accurately and effectively. There is a maximum of ten marks.

The student described:

his/her main responsibilities



the personal qualities needed for the job



how to be efficient in the job



what motivates him/her



one thing that would make the job easier





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