Progress Test 5 (Units 13-15)

Complete all seven sections. There are seventy marks in total.

Section 1: Vocabulary

1 Write in the missing preposition.

1    There’s been a delay ______ the delivery of the components.

2    The shortage ______ staff at work is really causing pressure.

3    Our new just-______-time production has made things quicker.

4    We must finish this meeting ______ eleven at the latest.

5    Sorry, but we’re running ______ of time.

6    We look forward _____ hearing from you.

7    Our department has just taken _____ 30 new staff.

2 Read the extract from a report on improving a business. Change the form of the word in brackets to complete it.

Упражнение 1

Выберите правильный вариант.

1.You should do your homework before you watch TV.

  1. a) can’t b) should c) must

2.May. I come in? It’s rather cold out here.

  1. a) should b) may c) must
  2. You ought to.water the planets this weekend; they look dry.

a)are able to         b) needn’t      c)ought to


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